Saturday, 20 October 2018

Lex Eggermont- outlook for Stage 3 Melanoma

Rotterdam criteria

Again- tumorload below 0.1 equals no tumour load in the sentinel node in Stage 3A- check out the Rotterdam criteria
Reported in detail at ASCO this year 

Important note-

when we look at OS data from adjuvant treatment, this is a combined result from the adjuvant treatment plus any following therapy

and there is no gain possible- so missed adjuvant, you cannot recover in the metastatic session

There will be an update on the PD1 adjuvant OS by Georgina Long on Monday morning

OS curves from adjuvant Melanoma between targeted therapy and immune therapy appear to cross at about 2 years

'The end of Interferon (in the rich world) but then- he DOES find a use for his Interferon....but please *just* for the ulcerated primaries due to different disease biology

Check out Danielle Verver's publications- there are alternatives to identify the prognosis than CLND

What next?

Duration treatment?
IO combinations: Nivo with Ipi low/ T-Vec

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