Saturday, 20 October 2018

Ipi Nivo combos- what's new? G. Long

Uveal Melanoma

58% OS Ipi/ Nivo at 3 years in skin Melanoma- highest ever survival in Melanoma

  • primary resistance about 30%
  • toxicity
  • rarer subgroups of Melanoma

UM median OS 9- 12 months in stage 4

PD1 mono 
ORR 3.6% 
mPFS= 2.6 months

seems to have low PDL1 overall

GEM1402: Ipi + Nivo standard scheme in UM

ORR 11.5%
PFS 2.78 months
OS 56% at 1 year and very few patients at end of curve- so not trustworthy

overall disappointing :-(

IMCgp100- 102 

19 patients only

68% OS at 1 year


Nivo low plus Ipi         vs       Nivo plus Ipi low

endpoints: toxicity
not powered for ORR, PFS and OS    *sigh*

and let's pretend we're surprised: more Ipi is more toxic 
and there more discontinuations.....

really- hard to see what this trial was supposed to answer 

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